Consultancy services are provided by one of our two ASC specialist teachers: 


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Lynn McCann and Emma Turver.  

We are available to ensure that pupils with ASC are being supported effectively in schools and other organisations. This usually consists of monthly or half-termly visits (other arrangements are dependnet on needs) to provide Specialist ASC teacher services as set out in a child's statement or EHC Plan. 

   We treat every child as an individual and work to develop a good relationship with parents and carers alongside the school.   The new SEND Code of practice stipulates that the class teacher has responsibility for teaching and tracking the progress of children with SEND.  We know this has always been the case and can come alongside class teachers, teaching support staff and SENCOs to build a strong effective support system around the child.  


  • In Primary Schools our focus is on giving staff the knowledge, strategies and resources to support the child day-in-day-out and to  rite clear and focussed targets that can be easily monitored for small steps of progress for their autism needs and academic achievements.  Pupils will be observed, consulted and their strengths and 
     eaknesses recorded to enable us to provide effective and targeted interventions.  Resources will be provided where possible and staff supported to implement the strategies.  We work with schools and parents together to make school successful for the pupil with ASC. 
  • In Secondary Schools our focus is often on working with pupils 1:1 or in small groups to support emotional and behavioural issues, teach communication, social and perspective skills or understanding puberty and relationships.   Support is given to plan for transitions, exams and making decisions for their future.   Again staff can be involved to develop knowledge and skills to continue the work between my visits.   We can meet with subject teachers to give specific advice to help them teach ASC pupil's effectively and will provide practical resource ideas wherever possible.  We also meet with parents and involve them in the consultancy process. 
  • We also attend Annual Reviews and support the implementation of SALT, OT and Sensory Therapy reports. We will ensure that the child's statement or EHC Plan is being fulfilled in the school.  We write Social Stories for pupils we are working with when they will help. 

As all children are individuals and have their own profile, their individual needs will be taken into account.   Therefore feel free to get in touch and we can build a package of support that is right for them.

Please contact us by email for a list of charges and availability.   

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